Thanksgiving is coming at a flying rate. Thanksgiving is not only a holiday, but also serves as the middle marker for the second nine weeks. Though Maryville Junior High School is only at the middle for this quarter so much has happened with a school dance, basketball season, sales, fairs and academics in general. All of these arrangements made for an exciting nine weeks thus far.

Coming off fall break, Student Council sponsored the fall dance on Nov. 1. This casual get-together brought a lot of excitement to the school, with activities at the event such as s’mores bar, karaoke and dancing. With a guest list of around 200 people, everyone had a great night filled with friends, music, dancing and excitement.

Many students feel abuzz about the upcoming basketball season. As of now, the eighth grade boys’ basketball team has won three games and lost two.

Basketball player Davis Ernsberger had a positive statement by saying, “So far this season has been going very well … We just hope to make MJHS proud.” MJHS wishes all of the basketball teams the best of luck this season.

T-shirts are going on sale at MJHS. Maryville City Schools — which is known for its competitive spirit — has made this a fun school competition between the eighth and ninth grade students. Whichever grade level buys the most T-shirts wins.

The winning grade receives a free class period in the gym with music. The homeroom with the most T-shirts bought will also get to partake in a doughnut and juice breakfast. Not only are T-shirts being sold, but also sweatshirts with prices ranging from $15 to $18. The school book fair has also started, with organizers encouraging students to buy a book as either the perfect Christmas present or just a good book to “chill” by the fire with in the winter months ahead. The fair is selling all of the top teen reads for this year. The book fair started on Nov. 7 and will finish on Nov. 14, so students need to be sure to buy those books as soon as they possibly can.

As Maryville City Schools is reaching the halfway mark for this nine weeks, students are looking back on how this quarter has been going thus far.

With a dance, sports, sales, competitions and more going on, it has been a very busy quarter for Maryville Junior High School students. As far as academics have been going a lot of students would consider this one a success. Eighth grade student Nadia Hixon stated, “This nine weeks so far has been great. My teachers are being really supportive and I’m learning a lot.” For most students, this is very true. A lot of students say that this is because they finally have adapted to the new school year and feel excited about what is to come.

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