The Smoky Mountain Outdoor Center (SMOC) recently joined Townsend’s shopping center Apple Valley Mountain Village.

Apple Valley Mountain Village offers a variety of food and shopping options in one place. SMOC’s relocation to the village gives people the opportunity to explore SMOC as well as all the shopping center’s stores, such as the Apple Valley Café, the Dancing Bean Coffee House, General Store and the Mountain Store — all of which have been a part of the Townsend community since 2014.

“Not only will this store be a staple for Smoky Mountain outdoor gear and apparel, but exciting plans are also being made to offer guided trips and excursions into the National Park from the new SMOC location,” Apple Valley owner Mark Oldham said.

Oldham Hospitality bought Apple Valley in 2014.

Oldham Hospitality Director of Marketing Ashley Box said SMOC is committed to providing its guests with a wide range of equipment rentals and excursions through the Great Smoky Mountains.

“SMOC is partnering with a highly trained and reputable company, Smoky Mountain Guides (SMG), who will have an outpost inside the new SMOC store,” Box said. “They will be offering guided hikes of all types and skill levels, guided fly fishing classes, photography classes and kayaking.”

SMOC offers equipment rentals for tubing, biking, hiking and more. The convenience of SMOC offering rentals for various outdoor activities appeals to the tourist community that Townsend often sees each year.

Townsend is known for its small-town feel while still opening its arms to visitors from all over the country by offering a variety of water activities and scenic views of the Smokies, officials said.

Box said the SMOC staff is eager to offer community members and tourists the opportunity to make the most of their time in the Great Smoky Mountains.

“I would have to say we are really looking forward to helping families of all skill and fitness levels make the very most out of their trip to the Smokies, so with the new SMOC store, visitors can really utilize the knowledge of the SMG team, get their own guide or at the very least, let us help them make sure they have clear directions and the proper gear,” Box said.

SMOC is at 7138 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway.

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